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We are a diversified family farm located in Geauga County, Ohio. We work hard to preserve agricultural traditions that have existed in Ohio for years, as well as train the next generation to do the same. We believe in raising our animals in a healthy, sustainable and humane way, which means allowing them to roam in their natural habititat. All of our animals are hormone and antibiotic free and are never fed a diet that contains Genetically Modified Organisms. Our products do not have any MSG or nitrates. We are dedicated to bringing healthy food to your family's plate as well as ours. We raise high quality, pasture-fed beef, pork and poultry. In addition to purchasing our meat, we encourage you to come and visit our farm. These days it is often difficult to make decisions about your food and trusting what a store advertises. This is why we welcome people to come to the farm. What you see, is what you are getting. Guaranteed.