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We actually started our farm as a way to reach foster and adopted children for a number of reasons. One being poor health. We have eight children. Seven of which are adopted. We were high school sweethearts and always talked about foster and adopting. So, after being married and talking about family we decided to start the process. Most of our adopted children had a rough start with drug exposure and neglect. We noticed that they were constantly sick with colds, ear infections and all of those great kiddo germs! Then one of our kids became sick with a small pneumonia infection, but did not respond to antibiotics. We were told after the short bout in the hospital that we were very lucky she pulled through. We began doing research into antibiotic resistant illneses and their cause. A large number of people suffering from this were realizing that the products they were eating were all pumped with hormones and antibiotics. Over the years there have been many studies done and it is found to be true. Meat raised with hormones and antibiotics is unhealthy and has negative side effects. We believed in feeding our children healthy food, but were a little skeptical. We thought we'd try this though. Already living on an old century farm, we decided to venture into raising our own animals. We watched our children's health drastically improve to the point that they almost never have to see the doctor other than regular check-ups. And our little antibiotic resistant miracle.......she's doing great! At the same time we had already been in the process of having a small hobby farm as a therapeutic way to reach foster and adoptive children. We ran a children's ministry and this seemed to fit right in. We believe that all children can start fresh and become a new person through many different ways. Our faith had a lot to do with this. So, we can honestly say that we NEVER expected something as smalll as a cow, 2 pigs and some chickens to develop into this! We have had so much success in our own family that we want you to experience the same thing! We hope you enjoy our little gallery of pictures. Farm life is a lot of work, but a lot of fun too!